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Biante Model Cars are very pleased to present a model of historical significance, the 1:18 Scale Holden HR Premier Sedan driven by a young Peter Brock in 1969 at Winton Raceway, a race which would set the young man on the path to become an Australian motorsport legend.

The career of Peter Brock came to prominence in 1969 when Harry Firth gave the then-24-year old speed shop owner the opportunity that would define his career – a drive with the factory Holden Dealer Team at Bathurst. Brock’s performances driving his famous Holden-powered Austin A30 in Sports Sedan races and hill climbs captured the attention of HDT boss Firth, as did a single drive in a car that is little-known among the legendary machines Brock drove in over 30 years of motor racing.

In March 1969, Brock raced this HR Holden Premier in a race for production-type cars at Benalla’s Winton Raceway. Car dealership Watson’s of Greensborough, from the Diamond Valley region where Brock lived, had the Premier in its possession but found difficulty moving it out the door. In a bid to generate publicity for the dealership (and to attract a buyer for the Premier), Watson’s engaged Brock to race it. Previously run as a drag car, the HR scored some special Dunlop tyres, six-inch wheels and brake scoops and was prepared for Brock to have his first race in a car other than the Austin A30.

Brock greatly impressed in the Premier, finishing third behind Alan Hamilton’s Porsche 911 and one of the top Minis, both of which were well-suited to the tight and twisty Winton circuit. Brock held off all the other Holdens in the race and his performance against well-known benchmarks further caught Firth’s eye.

Soon after, Brock received the call-up of a lifetime from Firth when he was working at the Diamond Valley Speed Shop and was headed to Bathurst to drive one of the HDT’s three HT Monaro GTS two-doors alongside veteran Des West. Brock had also received an approach from Datsun team boss John Roxburgh who was keen for Brock to race one of the Japanese brand’s diminutive 1600s, but the bearded bloke from Melbourne instantly became one of the General’s favourite sons.

In the 1969 Hardie-Ferodo 500, West and Brock finished third and Brock announced his arrival with a strong performance and faster lap times than his established teammate. The journey that would lead to Brock becoming one of the greatest Australian drivers of all-time was now on its way, and the HR Premier that he raced on that one day at Winton in March 1969 shared something in common with every machine Brock would go on to race – he got in, gave it a red hot go and starred.

To faithfully replicate this model, we have included new tooling features such as the special brake ducts, wheels and bonnet straps. In addition to those new features, various ‘road car’ components also had to be removed to accurately produce this model including the windscreen sun visor, rear wheel covers, paint protectors underneath the door handles and bumper over riders. These changes combined with the die-cast body, opening parts, highly detailed features and finishing ensure that this 1:18 Scale HR Premier will be a special addition to the Biante Peter Brock Collection.