1970 Bathurst Holden Torana GTR XU1 Colin Bond


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1970 Bathurst LC XU-1 Torana – Colin Bond

After victory with the Holden Monaro GTS350 at Bathurst in 1969, Holden decided in 1970 to entrust its motor racing future to the new six-cylinder Holden Torana.

The LC range of Toranas were introduced in October 1969 and included a sports variant called GTR. Harry Firth had turned the standard production Monaro GTS350 into a successful race car for Holden. Harry had to put aside ideas for an evolution version of the Monaro, having now been entrusted by Holden to develop a ‘special’ version of the GTR for competition purposes.

The prototype of a new car GTR ‘KLD-158′ was fitted with a 186 cubic inch engine with 3 SU carburettors and the rest of the XU-1 gear and was then run in the Six Cylinder series at Sandown. Peter Brock’s first Torana win followed that by winning the new Calder rallycross event. From this came the production version of the LC GTR-XU1 in vibrant new colours and pocket racer tag by the media. The first HDT car was driven to Warick Farm with very little race preparation and won in the hands of Colin Bond. The car was then driven home after which it was run at Bathurst in 1970 in the hands of Christine Cole and Sandra Bennett. Bathurst saw Don Holland claim third outright in his XU-1 while HDT won most of the remaining rally and rallycross events for that year.

Colin Bond’s car for the 1970 Bathurst race was another LC XU-1 but painted Yellow Dolly. Car #39, “KSN-116’ performed well qualifying with Colin being fourth fastest, bettered only by the three factory entered Ford Falcon GT-HOs of Moffat, McPhee and Gibson. Colin initially led the race for five laps but thereafter backed off, only to be sidelined later by valve problems. The same issues would arise for the sister car #40, ‘KSA-302’, shared by Peter Brock and Bob Morris. Repairs were carried out, but neither car was in a position to make up for the lost time. However, Bond’s early dice with Moffat did vindicate our ‘David & Goliath’ theory.

The XU-1s were so easy to drive, when you were brave enough to lift the inside front wheel on corners. This practice did tend to cause wheel breakages, so they deleted the hub cap pegs and increased the thickness of the wheel rim centre, plus all intended race units were shot peened for additional fatigue protection.

These first LC cars were in a continuous state of change and modification, with ‘KSN-116’ later being used as a development mule for the ultimately abortive GTR-XU1 V8 project and ‘KSA-302’ serving out its racing life in Asia with Teddy Yip and Theodore Racing.

This fantastic little model will feature new and improved bonnet hinges, highly accurate detail and
tampo prints and a certificate hand signed by Colin Bond.
Additionally, we’re pleased to also include a brochure hand signed by the legendary Harry Firth.

Limited to 2400