1973 Bathurst Ford XA Falcon GT Hardtop Carter/Nelson


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1973 Bathurst Ford XA Falcon GT Hardtop
Murray Carter/ and Lawrie Nelson
Limited to 1250
The only other Ford Falcon to finish the race and recorded 7th place.

The 1973 Bathurst Race saw some significant rule changes. It was the first year to feature the 1000km race distance, and introduction of a maximum allowable time for individual driver stints, making two drivers per cars compulsory. It was also the first time around Bathurst for the Falcon Hardtops. The Hardtops had very little testing which showed in their high attrition rate.


Murray Carter had competed in the 1973 ATCC in a Phase III Ford XY Falcon finishing 7th in the Championship. During the year he famously lent Allan Moffat his car for the Adelaide International raceway after Moffat’s car was stolen the night before the race. Ford introduced the XA Hardtop racecar for the endurance races of the Australian Manufacturer Championship. A car that Murray Carter himself had a hand in the development of. The 1973 Bathurst saw Murray Carter paired with Lawrie Nelson, who had competed in 2 rounds of that years ATCC in an E49 Valiant Charger.


During the early stages of the race the Hardtop of Murray Carter/Lawrie Nelson suffered a blown tyre, the car was nursed to the pits where a new tyre was fitted and they continued racing. Of the five Hardtops to start the race, only two lasted the 1000km race, the winning car of Allan Moffat/Ian Geoghegan and Murray Carter/Lawrie Nelson who finished the race in 7th position.