1983 ATCC 3rd Peter Brock VH Commodore


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Brock’s win in the final round at Lakeside was easily one of the drives of the series. In difficult, wet conditions that actually suited the smaller RX-7’s rather then the heavier Commodore’s and Falcon’s, he lapped the entire field in the 35 laps after taking the lead on Lap 2.
His race almost ended coming out of the Karrasell on the first lap when the left rear tyre of his Commodore got out into the mud and pitched the car sideways, almost into the path of Gregg Hansford in the second Allan Moffat Racing Mazda RX-7.

Brock recovered still in 3rd place and soon past an ailing Dick Johnson whose Falcon had suffered a power steering pump failure which caused his early retirement as he could not steer the car properly.

Brock then passed early leader Moffat on lap 2 and proceeded to run away from the field. Hansford also overtook Moffat who was wisely driving with and eye on the title, but Brock lapped the #31 Mazda through the back section of the circuit on the last lap. Moffat, Brock and Allan Grice were the only race winners in the 1983 ATCC.