Scale Selection


In Australia, the most popular scale is 1:18, or in simple terms, a model 18 times smaller than its road going equivalent. A 1:18th is about the same length as a tissue box.

Biante also manufacture cars in 1:43 and 1:64 scale. As you can see from the above graphic, 1:43 is under half the size of a 1:18 model, coming in at around 10 centimetres long (think of it as about as long as a standard Mobile Phone). A 1:64th is smaller again, and is more around the size of a traditional “Matchbox” car.

Remember however, just because the models get smaller, doesn’t mean their detail is reduced. All models produced by Biante are designed to be Collectors Items and as such, are not suitable for small children as they do contain small parts.

Here is a rough guide to the size of model cars although this will vary depending on the size of the actual vehicle being replicated:
1:64 scale will be approximately 6cm long
1:43 scale will be approximately 10cm long
1:18 scale will be approximately 20-30cm long

Always remember, the higher the scale, the smaller the model.


What does the scale 1:43, 1:18 etc. mean?

This really means 1 in 43 or 1 in 18 or whatever scale is being referred to. This means basically that it the model should be enlarged 43 or 18 times (depending on the scale) to reach the full size. The bigger the number, the smaller the model.What is the collectability of different scales of models?

1:43 is the traditional collector scale as of course many models in this scale can be displayed in the collection.

1:18 is fast becoming a sought after scale in many places as there is more detail, opening doors, bonnets and boots, operating steering, engine detail.